Updated November 2020 :

I have had to think hard on Endorsements, especially over the course of this past year.  I would love to still endorse drummers like I have in the past.  But, I think moving forward I am looking to work with everyone equally.  I just want to build drums for people who want something that gets the job done and makes them way to pick up the sticks and play.  So, I will not be pushing on with Endorsements like I have in the past or doing them like most other companies.  If you feel you have a particular situation regarding an Endorsement or Artist type deal.  Please contact me directly at the email below.  Happy to chat with you and see what we can do.  


Shawn - info@anchordrums.com




I get requests and questions daily about Endorsements.  They are a very tough thing and although I would love to endorse everyone, it's just not always possible.  For endorsement level I am really looking for solid players and bands with maximum exposure for Anchor and also for the band/drummer themselves. 


The biggest thing I am looking for is brand loyalty, not "deal" loyalty.  Drummers who absolutely love the drums and what Anchor is.  I want to make solid relationships and build lifelong friendships with our drummers.  I call it the Anchor Family for a reason.  


Sadly, an Endorsement does not mean free drums.  I would love to give away drums for free, but then Anchor would be out of business very quickly.  Building drums is a very time consuming process with a lot of factors involved.  I am willing to put in the hard work to make a kit you will be proud of.  Just need you to meet me halfway in the process.  Below are the main requirements I am currently look for.  If you feel you meet these and want to be a part of Anchor, please let me know!  Look forward to hearing from you!



Endorsement Level : 


- Established Band/Artist


- Band currently has solid exposure regionally, nationally is excellent.


- Solid touring schedule or good percentage of monthly & yearly shows booked.

   (Preferably 3-4 shows monthly OR 50+ dates per year if possible)


- Large number of previous tours/shows already played.


- Label backing, unless doing extremely well as an independent band.


- Booking Agent if possible.


- Management backing if possible.


- Has at least 1-2 official recordings/releases already out.


- Band has gained other Endorsements through companies.