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How can I place an order?

Orders can be placed via email or by calling 910-622-5508. This helps get all your details correct and sure that your drums will be built exactly how you want.

Who makes your shells?

I currently work with a variety of small and large shell builders in order to meet the precise tone needs you are looking for. I can accomodate any style shell you like. If you prefer certain woods, mixture of plies, etc it can be done! Other options are Acrylic, Steam Bent, Stave, plus an assortment of various metal shells as well.

How can I get an endorsement?

No longer offering Endorsements under the same style as I have in the past.  Made some changes and just want to build equally for everyone.

Do Anchor Drums come with a warranty?

I stand behind every drum build! General wear and tear is not covered, but if an issue arises due to construction or hardware defect then I will do everything possible to correct it!

What is the average turnaround time on builds?

Current build time runs around 90 days. Many factors go into each kit and no two builds are the same. The more detail, the longer the wait. This is a small shop, but I work extremely hard to keep builds on schedule, but occasionally various things will extend the wait.  Nothing is a "stock" item, so this takes time to complete.

Can you refinish or rewrap my current drums?

Of course! Anchor Drums was born from a love of restoring vintage drums. I would be happy to look at the project and see what I can do for you! Feel free to contact me anytime about it!

Can I come visit the shop?

You are welcome to stop by.  I am a small shop, nothing mind blowing.  But always fun to chat!

Do you have a return policy?

Each build is created to your exact specifications, so there is not a return policy. If there is an issue regarding a part or problem, I will be more than happy to fix any issue that arises.

How much is shipping and handling?

Please contact for a quote on shipping.  Rates vary widely depending on location to where I am shipping.

Do you have any videos of your drums?

Sure do and will have more on the way soon! You can check out current videos up on our YouTube page at:

Do you have any dealers?

I currently work with a few very nice shops.  Check out our Dealers page for info and locations.

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